17: jam2

I spent the past two hours on my roomie’s bed, listening to her guide me through her photo albums.

She’s a flight attendant, so it was interesting to get a glimpse of her seeing the whole world, but at some point, I thought about my world and wondered why I don’t know how to get out of situations when I need to.

So here I am, finally having extracted myself from her room, left with only 6 hours of possible sleep time ahead. By the time I actually go to bed, there will only be five and a half. Tomorrow, work is going to suck.

Big time.


About tali2

I am a recent grad of the wonderful English major. Though I don't regret studying English one bit, I realize why my teachers, parents, friends, and imaginary mentors warned me against it: Because it leads you nowhere. But it did give me great writing skills which I hope to continue honing in this blog as I chronicle the tribulations of the terrible job hunt in the terrible job market of NYC. And I hope that my blog reminds fellow unemployed recent grads that you are not alone, inspires some hope within us, while presenting a snapshot of our lives to others who do not share the same self-imposed troubles.
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