In 2007, I got my Bachelor degree in English. Then I left a little Southern town to chase a dream all the way up to the Big City. The dream itself was no bigger than finding something useful to do with my prized degree, and after many discouraging months of job hunting, overpriced rent and a complete disintegration of my “bubble,” I got a job.

I work in the editorial department of a new media company, and I absolutely love every day (edit: MOST days) of what I do.

So this blog is dedicated to all the newcomers who find things tough in New York City, to seasoned New Yorkers who understand the love affair and frustrations we share with the City, and to those who still chase dreams.

But most of all, this blog goes out to all the English majors who were often discouraged and made to think their efforts were never going to lead to anything. Let it be an inspiration to keep going, and a promise — that with patience and persistence, the zaniest of dreams  really can come true.


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