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The Extinction of the Mr. Darcy Species

Let’s face it, today’s world isn’t as idealistic as we remember it in years we weren’t born, and today’s men aren’t the gentlemen we read and sigh over in eighteenth-century romance novels. Even if you weren’t an English major lusting … Continue reading

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Six Steps to Reaching the Entry-Level Job Offer

A week off blogging is never a week wasted in New York City. I haven’t written for ten days now not because I’ve been lazy, but because I’ve been completely immersed in the gathering of data for the benefit of … Continue reading

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About a Kitten

They say New Yorkers aren’t the friendliest of people. That, combined with the fact that true friendship takes a blend of common interest and time to develop, might scare the recent grad who just moved to the City. I felt … Continue reading

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The Melting Pot of Older Men

Aside from a competitive job market and through-the-roof rent which can be very stressful to an unemployed recent grad, New York City offers another big set of problems: the melting pot of older men. It’s only after you graduate and … Continue reading

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New Beginnings: The End of the Age of Idealism

The best part of being an English major was the blend of the sharpest, most beautiful minds, sharing opinions, insights, and ideas. It was a laid back major, really. Others outside the English Department viewed it as a cult, but … Continue reading

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